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From The Author  

At the early age of eight, I remember sitting down trying to write, unaware that the moment in time would leave its mark on me for the rest of my life. Twenty-four years later, the gift that I had once experienced a glimpse of was now beginning to surface and I could see another part of God’s plan unfolding in my life. It seemed as though I was destined to write and it happened at a time when least expected.

Through life’s circumstances I’ve learned and will continue to learn, that only when we allow ourselves to be brought to a place where we can be used, it is then that God can truly be glorified. A lot has happened throughout the years and I believe that these poems have been birthed out of deep, real experiences and through the many challenging seasons in my life. I’ve seen along life’s highway that others have experienced many of the same challenges I have. It was then that I realized this gift was meant to be shared. Making these available to the public was not my original intent but I found not only for myself but for others as well, they served as a source of strength and inspiration. It has been through the many trying seasons that I have experienced a greater degree of God’s working in my life.

For this reason I humbly present what has been given to me, so that I can share with others who have the same hope and faith, in a God who will ultimately see us through every situation and season in our lives.

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