Hanging By A Thread

Marriage is a blessing,
and not something we should curse.

It seems these days that marriages,
have gone from bad to worse.

With all the odds against us,
the outcome may look grim.

But God knows we can make it,
even if our chance is slim.



Responding His Way

A wife is someone who can be-
a very special friend.

If we respond the way we should,
she'll be there 'till the end.

At times it may be difficult,
but God can lead the way.

By just believing He will give us-
what we need to say.

And then we'll see a change,
most likely, first in our own heart.

Romancing our best friend,
which God had planned right from the start.


Our Love Has Grown

Although it seems like yesterday,
the years have gone so fast.

And no one would have thought back then,
the love we had would last.

It's grown into such beauty,
and has blossomed through the years.

To think how hard we've worked,
at times we’ve shed each other’s tears.

I love you more than ever,
and through different eyes I see.

The one with whom I share my life,
a gift from God is she.


Our 13th Year

Happy Anniversary Dear,
the years have just rolled by.
I know because of God's great love,
our well has not run dry.

There's so much left to do,
and yet we still have time to spend.
I've grown with you and love you more,
and will until the end.

In looking toward our future,
I see our pot of gold.
And how the Lord will prosper us,
in years as we grow old.

I never thought I'd see the day,
where I would be at peace.
With someone such as you,
I pray our love will never cease.


Looking Ahead

I'm sorry as the years rolled by,
I treated you so bad.

You showed such grace and mercy,
something which I never had.

But now I see through different eyes,
I love you even more.

I see the joy upon your face,
it's true, God can restore.

So come with me my precious wife,
my lover and my friend.

We're going on a journey,
one I pray will never end.


I'm Learning

You saw how I reacted,
when you wouldn't let me in.
I tried to understand,
there was no way that I could win.

I guess I pushed too hard,
and you went back into your shell.
Which only caused more heartache,
as I dug a deeper well.

As honest as I was,
I could not see what was inside.
Beneath the layers of your heart,
how much there was to hide.

I need to be more sensitive,
at times when I am wrong.
Resolving open issues,
that have lasted far too long.

I'm learning what it takes,
to be the kind of man you need.
I'm praying God will sow,
within my heart a brand-new seed.


It's Not Impossible

I don't think what You're asking,
is impossible to do.

I ask that You would help me Lord,
to love my wife as You.

And out of that would flow the joy,
the joy that we once had.

Just knowing what You've brought us through,
is reason to be glad.



Let her joy be found in You,
in You and You alone.
In times of deep despair,
that she'd come worship at your throne.

Pouring out her heart to You,
expressing all her needs.
When in your presence drawing near,
while on your word she feeds.

Confident of who she is,
she puts her trust in You.
Knowing that You're with her,
there is nothing she can't do.

The unsurpassing peace of God,
she cannot understand.
And neither can she grasp,
how You uphold her by your hand.

Her heart longs to be near to You,
to lay down at your feet.
The fragrance of her worship,
as an offering so sweet.

To hold that day within her heart,
where she will be with You.
A long awaited promise,
from a life You walked her through.


Let No Man Pull Apart

If Christ had not been deep within-
the center of our life.

We might not be together,
as a husband and a wife.

When Christ put us together,
love was there right from the start.

And now the love He’s given us,
let no man pull apart.


Bring Forth Your Light

We thank You for the beauty,
and the joy within this day.

We live because You gave us life,
to serve and walk your way.

And as we go where You may lead,
such great things You will do.

And those we touch will come to know,
a God they never knew.


I'll Do for You

If I could give you anything,
what would it be my dear.

To love you more is my desire,
in this life that we share.

My heart is that I find-
a way to meet your deepest need.

In hopes of growing closer,
while sprouts forth this brand-new seed.


God Will Work It Out

I don't know ten years from now,
just how our life will be.

But one thing I can tell you,
is we need God's help to see.

He gives a glimpse of what's to come,
it might not be that clear.

But we will see His plan unfold,
as long as we draw near.

Without Him we'd be lost,
with no direction either way.

But if we put Him first,
He'll see that everything's OK!


In Time

I can't explain just how I feel,
right now I'm so upset.
At how my wife just holds things in,
while harboring regret.

I don't know what will happen,
how her life will turn around.
It seems as though she's in the clouds,
her feet not on the ground.

I've worked so hard to see some change,
I have so far to go.
My wife is not as willing,
to admit her faults do show.

But there will come a day,
where all her baggage will give way.
Releasing from her heart,
what she could never come to say.

She'll find it's not as easy,
to go through the hurt and pain.
But if she does she'll find,
that it was all for Godly gain.


He’ll See Us Through

God’s plan might take a while,
but His promise He’ll fulfill.

Provided we pursue,
what is that good and perfect will.

A choice we have to make,
if we’re to follow Christ the Lord.

Taking up our cross,
until the day of our reward.


A Second Chance

I realize that I have not-
been half the man I should.

A moment in my past so brief,
and yet misunderstood.

If I could have a second chance,
I'd spend it all on you.

Knowing that through thick and thin,
God’s love would see us through.


It’s Hard To Understand

If love were understanding,
there’d be no room to grow.

Just living life from day to day,
with nothing much to show.

So thank the Lord for all He does,
when trials come our way.

He gives us all we need,
to see us through another day.


A Serious Matter

Will you love this wife,
that you have taken to be yours.
No matter what may happen,
or go on behind closed doors.

It's one thing to accept the fact,
that you must live your life-
Apart from all your selfishness,
in caring for your wife.

And now that you have given up,
your old and selfish ways.
Will you fulfill her needs,
while joined together all your days.

Marriage means commitment,
something truly meant to be.
As God shows us His love,
then to our spouse’s so must we.


Your Love

Your love is like a soothing breeze,
caressing in its way.

Touching those along its path,
such mercy you display.

With every passing day,
your grace abounds just that much more.

The love you have increases,
like it never had before.

A heart of grace and tenderness,
the Lord has given you.

Wherein its deep compassion lies,
through things you say and do.

How beautiful you are my wife,
how God has made you so.

And through the heart He’s given you,
each day His love will show.


Thank You for Loving Me

You're beautiful my lovely wife,
and words could never say.

How much you love me from your heart,
my breath you take away.

It's not because I've forced you,
or demanded this of you.

The Lord has put this in your heart,
because you've asked Him to.

So here's to you my lovely wife,
for all the years we've spent.

May God pour out His blessing,
on your life as He has meant.



Thank You for your love-
that helps us through each day,
Thank You for your Spirit-
who so leads us in your way.

Thank You for the grace You've shown-
at times when patients fray,
Thank You for the answers-
when we come to You and pray.

It's such a pleasure serving You-
our joy and our delight,
With every step You light our path-
your way is then made bright.

Each day as we arise-
we then commit our ways to You,
In looking to succeed-
in what You've planned for us to do.


True Love Persists

Look at you my lovely wife,
your beauty I behold.
The Lord has surely formed you,
right before me you unfold.

Into a lovely flower,
you have blossomed in God's sight.
And bringing forth your fruit in time,
has made our love so right.

I look upon your beauty,
as I gaze into your eyes.
I see your heart beneath them,
for the Lord has made you wise.

I think about the love we have,
how blessed a man am I.
Your heart so filled with love for me,
to have you 'till I die.

I hope that I can do the same,
as you have done for me.
By loving me for who I am,
and not what I could be.


If We Really Knew

I'm glad that you still trust me,
as far as we have gone.
When you had every reason,
to give up, you still went on.

I can't change your mind,
or even know what's in your heart.
Only God can keep,
what no one else can pull apart.

I stop and think how many chances,
God has given me.
He knew some day that good would come,
through what was meant to be.

He knows just what we need,
and He'll use any circumstance.
To turn our lives around,
that we may have another chance.

Such a gracious God is He,
and if we really knew-
How much it hurts Him when He sees,
what He must bring us through.