Always Searching

If man were meant to fly,
God would have given him wings.
Not to mention feathers,
aside from other things.

It seems that man has gone too far,
but has so far to go.
And yet he's never satisfied,
with all there is to know.

You'd think by now he'd take the time,
to try and understand.
The further he advances,
that much more gets out of hand.

Technology will never play a part,
in making peace.
And neither will it bring us to a point,
where problems cease.

But he'll go on in search of,
what he never seems to find.
The one thing only God can give,
and that, is peace of mind.


A Light

If I am called to be a light,
for all the world to see.

Then I must learn to let the Lord,
perform His work in me.


Be Still and Know

O the love of Jesus,
how it rests within my soul.
He died that I might live,
so that my life would be made whole.

Only He can touch my heart,
and free me from my sin.
That I may be His vessel,
who is cleansed from deep within.

God's grace has brought me to a point,
where I now have no choice.
That I would listen when He speaks,
and know I've heard His voice.


He Holds All Things

If I can make it through this day,
the trials that it brings.

Then I can trust the One who holds,
within His hands, all things.


It Won't be Long

You won't believe what lies ahead,
just put your trust in Him.
And He will bring to pass His plan,
though chances might look slim.

God's plan is not to harm you,
but to give you joy and hope.
He knows at times how difficult,
it is for you to cope.

So don't give up or be dismayed,
just look to Him above.
And He'll sustain you through this time,
with His unfailing love.


It's His to Bear

When training for a victory,
there's one thing we must do.
Endure the pain and suffering,
that God would bring us through.

It takes a lot to win a race,
preparing for that day.
It takes a lot of effort,
to stay fixed along the way.

God strengthens us in weakness,
through His ever-loving grace.
There's nothing He won't do for us,
to keep us in this race.

And if we do our part,
the Lord has promised He'll be there,
To help us with that heavy load,
at times when hard to bear.


My Refuge

The struggles that I face,
are not too difficult for You.
In all things I must pray,
and then believe You'll see me through.

Without You I'd be all alone,
cast out as Satan's prey.
No longer walking in your shadow,
through the light of day.

But I know that I have You Lord,
to lead me in your way.
So when the devil tempts me,
I will not be led astray.


One Way

God created all we have,
and all that we would be.
And then He sent His only Son,
to die for you and me.

Although He gave to each the will,
to do what's wrong or right.
We'll only find our purpose,
as we're walking in the light.


Our Cross To Bare

If life were not worth living,
there'd be no cross to bare.
I'm thankful that upon Him,
I can cast my every care.

He see's me through the darkest times,
He leads me to the light.
When hopelessness sets in,
He's there to help me not loose sight.

A solid rock is He,
for all who put their trust in Him.
We'll triumph in this battle,
even if our chance is slim.

No weapon forged against us,
will prevail God has said.
As long as we stay focused,
on this lengthy road ahead.


Promises and Vows

How does love forget the one's,
who once were dear to you.
Closer than the closest friend,
a friend you never knew.

Hearts adrift as on a sea,
through time just passing by.
Waiting for that moment,
to give love another try.

Living day to day,
what love we have can fade away.
Remembering those precious times,
the years of yesterday.

Effortless in our attempts,
to make things as they were.
A longing in our hearts,
that only God Himself can stir.


Secure in Him

O the pain of yesterday,
the worries of the past.
The lingering effect they have,
runs deeply yet so vast.

I cannot count the memories,
and what they do to me,
I've prayed and asked the Lord,
come break these chains and set me free.

God knows the pain I've suffered,
and how long I can endure.
Yet still another day goes by,
where life seems so unsure.


Set Apart

Death can have its sudden sting,
when taken by surprise.
But there is hope for those,
who don't believe in Satan's lies.

There's been a place prepared for us,
within the Father's house.
And we're to be in waiting,
as a bride is to her spouse.


Son's of Light

Yesterday's a memory,
now given to the past.
Yet in our hearts we tend to hide,
those memories that last.

But God begins to show us,
through the years that pass us by.
The pain that we endured,
is something we cannot deny.

God's hand had been upon us,
and He knew how we would stray.
But yet His grace and mercy,
followed closely every day.

He led us out of darkness,
then restored to us our sight.
And then He called each one of us,
to be His son's of light.


Teach Me Lord

Teach me how-
to touch your heart,
To walk in truth-
and love.

That I may know-
the One who reigns,
In heaven-
high above.


This Lonely Path

From deep within I long to find,
a way to be set free.
Tormented by this heartache,
I ask Lord hear my plea.

Turn and lend your ear to me,
and let me not dismay.
Or I will surely slip,
while on this lonely path I stay.


Turning Back

Are we getting further,
from the calling of the Lord.
Or are we getting closer,
to the day of our reward.

God's plan is that we follow Him,
and not our own desire.
In doing so we find in time,
He sets our hearts afire.

Struggling will only bring us,
heartache and dismay.
Knowing what we should have done,
before we lost our way.

But if we take that step of faith,
our life in Christ we'll find.
And once again within our hearts,
will rest God's peace of mind.


Unselfishly He Gave

How great it is to know the One,
who gave His life for me.
So awesome was that sacrifice,
the love that set me free.

No longer bound to sin and death,
now free at last I live.
And now because of what He's done,
this life to Him I give.


When God Says Go!

At times we grow impatient,
how much longer can we wait.
We cry aloud in our despair,
but God is never late.

He sees what we've been going through,
He knows what lies ahead.
It's at those times God wants us-
to grab hold of what He said.

Remembering in darkness,
what He promised in the light.
Not giving up all hope,
when in the midst of losing sight.

But stepping out in faith,
however long His work may take.
That in His time when brought about,
the proper move we'll make.

When God says go there's no mistake,
we'll know we've heard His voice.
And only then can we be sure,
we've made the proper choice.


When I am Weak

There's nothing I can't do,
if I just keep my eyes on Him.
He strengthens me through trials,
even when this light grows dim.

And though at times my weary heart,
may get the best of me.
I know that God is there,
to help me gain the victory.


When Seas are Rough

Life can seem more difficult,
when tossing to and fro.
Within a sea of troubles,
almost no place left to go.

Wondering if up ahead,
there waits a place of rest.
Finally bringing to an end,
this long and painful test.



Teach me how to listen Lord,
that I may hear your voice.
So when the time presents itself,
I'll make the proper choice.

Knowing when confronted,
with a task too big for me.
That I should look to You,
for what it is I cannot see.


Won't Man Be Surprised

If Father God created man,
foreknowing of his birth.

Did portions of the sun blow off,
creating planet earth?

Why man draws his conclusions,
when not knowing what took place.

Will only prove him wrong,
when he meets Jesus face to face.


Yesterday Can be a Friend

Looking back on yesterday,
can bring a lot of pain.
It all depends if we've let go,
of feelings that remain.

What sometimes lingers may not be-
as clear as we perceive.
Confronting that which troubles us,
may cause our hearts to grieve.


You Can't Beat Father God

Though Satan tried to snuff Him out,
God's plan would soon prevail.

Christ would gain the victory,
and Satan's plan would fail.


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