God Was There

Remember the Lord can see your pain-
He knows just where you are,

Within you lies the hope you had-
once distant and afar.

Let yesterday’s experience-
be just a stepping stone,

And know that God was there-
when times you felt so all alone.



If I Could Just Let Go

Let me in that I may do,
a work within your heart.

The victory you long to see,
my Spirit will impart.

For I will do what no man can,
I’ll turn your life around.

I’ll train your hands for battle,
place your feet on solid ground.

My word will light your path,
and as my Spirit leads the way.

No longer will you suffer,
from the pain of yesterday.


Turn Back

I need your help O God,
please come and rescue me.

The tide is rising rapidly,
within this torrent sea.

I’m on the verge of drowning,
and my life is so off track.

What will it take to set me straight,
to you I must turn back.


Enduring Through Each Day

At times it’s all that I can do,
to make it through each day.
The heartache I endure,
just never seems to go away.

Although I find relief,
it seems as though it’s not enough.
Tormented by these thoughts,
this lonely road is far too rough.

If only I could find a way,
to not relive the past.
All this pain and misery,
would then be gone at last.


Not So Smart

Is life worth living in a rut,
especially when we're wrong.
Or maybe we don't know it,
but we will before too long.

God will not let idol talk,
go on its merry way.
He'll chasten those He loves,
no matter what His people say.

If this goes on—believe,
the Lord will break us of our pride.
We know by now, God gets His way,
He'll take us for a ride.

And when it's over we will see,
that we were not so smart.
God worked us over graciously,
enough to change our heart.


Reaping What We Sow

My sinful past creeps up on me,
I cannot let it go.
Through ill desires of this world,
such wicked seed I sow.

At times I walk a crooked path,
that only leads to death.
Exhausting all my energy,
to weak to take a breath.

But as I lift my eyes-
and then on You, I fix my gaze.
I find You hear me as I'm turning-
from my wicked ways.

You've said You'll never fail me,
but deep inside I know.
That life's a two way street,
and I will reap, what seed I sow.