There is a season for everything under the sun and just as flowers bloom, so will we at "An Appointed Time".

If God has got a plan for our lives, which He does, it's in our best interest to get started on the journey. For it is the journey that determines whether or not we'll make it. This prepares us for what God has for us further up the road. It's like an athlete who enters a race, first he must train in order to receive the crown of victory, if not, he stands a greater chance of losing the race. And this is why it takes going through the process in order for us to succeed. In some ways, the process can be more important than the goal in which we are trying to achieve. If we don't complete the training, how can we then expect the end result to be profitable, not to mention, eternal.

There comes a time when God decides to zero in on a specific area in our lives in order that we may be made ready for what He has further up the road.. And usually, He is very interested in us cooperating so that others may be the beneficiaries of His plan for our lives. We too will reap the benefits but ultimately we are the one's who God wants to use to further His kingdom. What a privilege! I remember I had been running through my mind the possibility of designing a website for the poetry that I write. I procrastinated for some time, wondering if this was really the right way to go. God soon let me know through much confirmation that I was to do just that. This in my mind, was an opportunity to touch the lives of those who would view my site, in turn, it would be one of the many ways that God would use me to further His kingdom in the hearts of those who would be touched by my poetry.

It took a lot of effort and planning on my part in order to compile the information for the website as well as put together the first of a series of ten books. I thought it would never end! This was years in the making and it would only be realized if now, I took the time to do it. God provided the window of time and I felt His gentle nudge as He helped me to persevere during the course of a year's time. I knew that the time He had allowed for me wasn't going to last forever and that I'd better make the best of it while I had the chance, so I did. I urge you that if God provides for you the opportunity to accomplish something, take it, because we never know when that margin of time will start to narrow and then all of a sudden, close. This was an important task to accomplish, seeing as how God wanted to use this in order to touch the lives of other's. It proved to me, that I could follow through with what the Lord had put on my heart and it was something that as years would pass, could have great potential for ministering to the hearts and lives of other's.

Think about it, take a look around... there's got to be something else! We were not put on this earth merely just to live and enjoy its surroundings. Each has been predestined and has a purpose to fulfill so that those who have a lesser knowledge of who Christ really is, can have the chance to experience Him in the same way that we did, when He first revealed Himself to us. There is more to life than just waking up, going to work, coming home and eventually going to bed in order to wake up and do it all over again. God has a plan and for each of us! He may want to use you to touch the life of someone in a different way than He would use me. In the long run, we're both working for the same cause and that is to further the kingdom of God right here on earth.

We could choose to take a back seat but that would be experiencing less than what God has for us. In turn, we'd end up trying to fill our lives with the very things that would take us further away from the sole purpose for which we were created. If God had not provided for us a way out by giving up His only Son, would He have had an alternative plan that would have been just as equally effective. I don't think so. God wants for us the very best and He also knows our capabilities. He has equipped us for what He has called us to do and has promised that He will do it. Isn't it in our best interest to allow the one who has created us for His pleasure to then allow us to be made complete by fulfilling His purpose in us. After all, doesn't God deserve our very best? "He gave His!"

"The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever-do not abandon the works of your hands." Psalm 138: 8