Don’t Listen to Your Flesh

When God lays His foundation,
what He builds He wants to last.
But we can chip away His work,
by living in the past.

If we let sin erode our lives,
we then would throw away.
What took so long to build,
while Satan leads our lives astray.

And do we ever look behind,
to see what we have lost.
Regretting how we should have-
taken time to count the cost.

The day will come and we will see,
we compromised our call.
In order to fulfill the flesh,
the oldest trick of all.


He Is In Control

When rain clouds fill the air,
we see God's mercy and His love.
He fills the clouds with moisture,
as the rain falls from above.

He fills His hands with lightning,
and declares the coming storm.
And with His voice He thunders,
while the lightning takes its form.

At His direction He commands-
the clouds where they're to go.
He brings the clouds to punish men,
or water the seed they sow.

Do you know how the clouds hang poised,
who tells them what to do?
The one who formed the earth,
is also He who has formed you.


Not To Despise

I never thought I’d be doing the things-
that I’m finding myself doing now,

And when I look back I can see that I had-
not the slightest idea of how.

At times a beginning can seem so minute-
I have learned this is not to despise,

In the way of its path one can see in the end-
small beginnings can make a man wise.


For All Mankind

Even Jesus hid Himself-
from being stoned to death.

His time was not yet up-
for God to take His final breath.

He died upon that cross for us-
an act of love He gave.

That all mankind would recognize-
this world He came to save.


In Our Wildest Dreams

Growth is a result,
of work and effort we’ve applied.

At times it isn’t easy,
but God’s right there by our side.

Awaiting as we yield,
and we know, that as we do.

The Lord will surely use us,
far beyond our dreams come true.


To Each God Gave His Cup

At times I think what I could be,
instead of what I am.

I’ve even been deceived,
my heart had fled, as on the lam.

When fantasies take over,
we may then escape what’s real.

But if we place our trust in God,
we’ll run an even keel.

In time we’ll see the fruit of life,
if we do not give up.

Until then we must all accept,
to each, God gave his cup.