At the early age of 11, I picked up my first guitar and started to play. I remember coming home from school and there it was, a fat hollow-bodied acoustic guitar that my mom had purchased with her S&H Green stamps. It wasn't long before I found my way into a circle of friends and acquaintances who had the same interests as I and from time to time we were able to get together and practice. Soon enough I started a band and the three of us had developed quite a sound. We mainly played rock and roll, rhythm and blues and followed after the top bands and musicians of the sixties. Jimi Hendrix was my favorite!

Although I had liked most any kind of music, there was one that I had always struggled with and could not quite figure out. This was gospel. Never the less, whenever I heard this type of music it would seem so foreign to me not really knowing its meaning, nor was it anything that I would ever have considered playing. Because of my lack of understanding, I would tend to view it as being an insignificant part of the music culture. Therefore, placing less and less importance in its meaning.

By the age of 17, I had established myself well enough, that I, along with my band had been asked to perform on a TV station (Channel 20) here in San Francisco. We were excited and couldn't wait for that moment to arrive. Well, what happened next would change the course of my life and how I would later view that certain type of music (gospel) in a different light but even then, it would take 13 years after the accident. It was the night before we would make our debut on TV that I and a friend had decided to hop on his bike and go for a ride over to one of the band members' house in the Sunset district. What happened next would change the course of my life forever and I'm referring to what took place as explained in the first story "A Leg Restored".

I had gotten in an accident which in turn cancelled my plans for being on TV the following night. Years later, it would be revealed to me that this had been a direct intervention of God. Meaning, that He allowed this situation to happen in my life at this time so that the events in years to come would result in bringing Him glory through the gifts and talents that He had given me. You see, God by His grace, had allowed me to live through this major accident in order that the path I was on, be changed, because I could not see the destruction that lied ahead. Even though it would take another 13 years before I'd come around, God had still intervened early on, in order to detour me from the path I was on. This had only paved the way for what would eventually come to pass.

At the age of 30, a major miracle had taken place and it would have an impact on me for the rest of my life. Again, I'm referring to the story "A Leg Restored". I started attending church on a regular basis and soon began assisting in the leading of worship in small home groups on Sunday nights. This became a part of my regular routine. It wasn't long before that branched out into assisting with preworship up on the stage in the sanctuary before church began. Then, I was asked if I would consider leading worship for the service on a regular basis. I agreed! Let me tell you... I never would have dreamt that I would have been doing anything for God let alone this. It was an experience I'll never forget!

Time went on and God continued His work in me and soon enough, other opportunities for ministry presented themselves. I was heavily involved in many different areas of the church and still, never once had I thought that I'd have the chance to serve in this capacity. God had turned my life around and the life that I once lead no longer had any meaning. I was now a child of God and He was building on the foundation that He had laid. God had changed my heart!

"I will sing of the Lord's great love forever, with my mouth will I make your faithfulness known through all generations." Psalm 89:1