Down to the Wire

Even though God takes His time,
we know He’s never late.

When closing in around us,
seems to be our sealed fate.

He lets us go so far,
while then He puts us to the test.

He knows what we can handle,
and to Him we give the rest.


He Is My Rock

No matter what may lie ahead,
I know the Lord is there.
Leading me to where He is,
His Spirit draws me near.

Although at times I swerve-
the Lord sustains me by His hand.
And if I fall he rescues me,
He’s there to help me stand.

I don’t know what each day may bring,
or if I’ll be alive.
But one thing that I know for sure,
in Him I will survive.


One Who Has Endured

Man may have his failures,
but yet God knows the heart.

He sees beyond the trials,
that may pull our lives apart.

But in the end God works for good,
what He has brought us through.

That we may live to finish,
what it was He called us to.


Wait For His Direction

Before I start each day-
I look for insight through God's word.

It helps me to discern between-
who's voice it was I heard.

He gives me His direction-
then He leads me in His way.

To carry out the plans in which-
He has for me each day.


You Struggle Not Alone

Hear me when I call to You,
I cannot stand the pain.
So righteous are your ways O Lord,
when mine are all in vain.

Men stand and scoff at me,
while there is nowhere I can hide.
They plot toward my destruction,
their hearts rise up in pride.

They long to see my downfall,
as You're raising me above-
Those things that so enslave me,
while I’m sheltered by your love.

Must I go through this misery,
how long O Lord I ask.
Relieve me from this agony,
come free me Lord, at last.

I long to see that day-
when You will come and rescue me.
From all this pain and suffering,
that no one else can see.


A Servants Dream

I can’t wait for that day-
when I will see my dreams come true.

Where all my hearts desires-
then fulfilled by only You.

I know that it’s not possible-
to do this on my own.

For only You can bring about-
the promise You have shown.


Giving In

What a witness it would be,
to let You prosper me.

Doing what so pleases You,
in what was meant to be.

A life I could do nothing with,
I now put in your hands.

Relinquishing to your control,
this life as it now stands.


Always There

Be still and know that I am God,
don’t let your heart dismay.

For I am with you even though,
foundations slip away.


Read the Signs

Instead of taking signals,
as a threat or an attack.

Let them give you insight,
in the areas you lack.


Lasting Joy

Bring me to a point,
where I can trust in only You.

So I may not depend on man,
to always see me through.

My life is not my own,
for I must do your will O Lord.

And where I've placed my heart,
I know my treasures have been stored.