The Crown of Glory

If I could tell the world,
about what You have done for me.

I'd tell them how the life You gave,
forever set me free.

That I don't have to live,
as I once did so long ago.

Within my heart, God's Spirit rests,
to Him this life I owe.

The gift that He has given me,
has freed my from my sin.

No more a loosing battle,
now in Christ I'm sure to win.

And when I stand before Him,
being confident I've won.

I'll lay my crown before Him,
giving thanks for all He's done.


Wash Away My Sin

Wash away my sin O Lord,
let each day be made new.

Teach me how to bless You,
in whatever I go through.

And when the day is over,
and is drawing to an end.

I’ll know that You were faithful,
and stood by me as a friend.


His Work Is Taking Place

I look upon my life,
and nothing's happening to me.

So much has come to pass,
but then, so much is yet to be.

I guess I don't look deep enough,
or know just where to start.

Or maybe I can’t see,
the work God’s done within my heart.


It's Only Monday

Just because it's Monday,
there's no reason to be sad.
God's grace is that much more,
when we're depressed and feeling bad.

Weekends are for rest,
although at times they bring us stress.
It's that much more we need to learn,
to do a little less.

The Sabbath should be holy,
making God the One we seek.
Especially since around the corner,
lies another week.

No matter what we've been through,
or how hard at times we try.
We never will accomplish,
all we should before we die.

But if we trust that God-
has set apart this day for rest.
When Monday comes we'll know,
that we can give Him all our best.


Tenderness of Heart

Take from me these angry thoughts,
and fill my heart with love.

That I may be as merciful,
as gentle as a dove.

And when a word is spoken,
I will look to understand.

With tenderness of heart,
and not with heaviness of hand.


Shine the Light of Christ

Our lack of deeds can soon become-
a stumbling block to all.

For those who cross our path each day,
we must live out our call.

With gentleness and wisdom,
we perform this task each day.

Exhibiting the love of Christ,
through all we do and say.

There's not much else that we can do,
examples we must be.

To those who cross our path each day,
let Christ, be who they see.


To Fear the Lord

I want to be the man of truth-
that You have called me to.

So many times I've failed,
in what I sought out to do.

The fear of God is in me now,
I pray that's where it stays.

To whom ignores the fear of God,
is he who dearly pays.


The Final Hour

Peter an apostle,
chose to turn his back on Christ.

A man once led by truth,
became so easily enticed.

He tried to save his life,
and when three times, the rooster crowed.

He lied against the one to whom,
a life-long debt he owed.


Just A Matter of Time

One can only struggle-
with the Lord, for just so long.

Before they come to realize.
that they're the one who's wrong.

God is great and knows all things.
from Him we cannot hide.

He sees the motives in our heart,
the lustful greed and pride.


Undeserved Grace

I've fought with God-
and lost each time,

You'd think by now-
I'd learn.

And still His grace-
is something,

Which I've never-
had to earn.