A Blessing from the Lord

This is just to let you know,
how wonderful you are.
The way your heart shines forth its light,
is like an evening star.

You never cease to care for those,
whom God has given you.
An endless heart of mercy,
you display in all you do.

I'm happy God has given me,
a tender loving wife.
With whom I'm pleased to share-
this bond of marriage in this life.


One Who Has Endured

A picture paints a thousand words,
a poem shows the heart.

Of one who's been through circumstance,
who's life's been torn apart.

And even while experiencing,
what God has brought them through.

They still find joy through serving,
in what He has called them to.



He Knows What's Best

When you find a circumstance,
keeps getting in the way.

Allow the space between you,
given time to think and pray.

The Lord will show you what you need,
He'll cause your eyes to see.

He'll tell you what you need to do,
though you might not agree.

And in His time He'll then release,
the freedom you deserve.

But until then let's not forget,
we live each day to serve.


If God Is For Us

Look up to the heavens-
where I may be found,
Let your eyes-
focus solely on Me.

For I will deliver you-
out of your fears,
As you watch-
all your enemies flee.


New Hope

Thank You for this hope my Lord,
You've put within my heart.
Without it, I'd be lost,
I'd never know just where to start.

Your Spirit leads me down this path,
You've made me to endure.
You've placed my feet on solid ground,
in You, my steps are sure.

I wait in expectation,
for what lies ahead each day.
That I may learn to serve You more,
while walking in your way.

Without You, I am nothing-
but a speck within the air.
And now this hope You’ve given me,
with others I will share.




When yesterday’s tomorrow’s-
seem to linger from the past.

And all your problems seem as though-
within a sea so vast.

There's one thing you can do-
that is, to turn to Christ the Lord.

And He will help you let it go-
and you will be restored.


Someone Who Can Help

Stress is such an enemy,
it gets the best of you.

Before you know, it builds and builds,
there's not much you can do.

But I know where to turn-
when there may be no sign of hope.

To One who has the answers-
and the strength, to help me cope.


It’s Hard to Wait

Is there not one trace of hope,
I’ve waited for so long.

To see a brand-new day arise,
to sing a brand-new song.

How long O Lord must I endure,
while time just passes by.

Remember how You spoke to me?
to You O Lord, I cry.

How faint this vision grows,
I barely find the strength to stand.

There’s nothing much that I can do,
but wait for Your command.


Only for A Season

O my Lord please help me,
these thoughts I know are wrong.

If I don’t lay them at Your feet,
I’ll sin before too long.

It may bring satisfaction,
for a season, maybe two.

But I know through these trials Lord,
You’re there to see me through.


I'm Taking You Back

God relieved me from my call,
so He could work in me.
A work that only He could do,
so I would then be free.

So much was held inside of me,
along with years of pain.
Which caused so much confusion,
though I tried, could not explain.

It's been a while since that time,
when God first took me back.
He showed me what had happened,
through the areas I lack.

His grace has seen me through,
and in my weakness He is strong.
At times when I grew weary,
I'd cry out; "O Lord how long"?

I wondered if I'd ever see,
an answer to my prayer.
And now the Lord has given me,
this hope that I now share.