It was the summer of 1991 I had a hard day at work and as I was passing by my neighbor's house up the street from me, I had noticed that once again, he was lounging around in the entrance of his garage. He would usually be sitting there each day when I got home from work. Mixed feelings went surging through my body as I called to my son Isaac, who at that time was 6 years old. I said to Isaac... "let's go see why the man up the street is always sitting in the entrance to his garage." So we took a walk up the street to see the neighbor.

Well, as we approached our neighbor I said straight out... "how come you're always sitting out here every day?" and he replied... "I can't walk and can barely get around due to a serious medical condition I have and my wife has to help me get dressed and then help me get down here so that I can just sit here the rest of the day." My heart sunk! I had no idea that he had been living with such a serious medical condition that would not allow him to get around as he desired. So I took Isaac by the hand and said, let's pray for him. So at that moment we prayed for the man to be healed from his long term illness, said goodbye and went back down the street to our house.

A couple of months had passed and I took notice that the man hadn't been sitting in the entry of his garage as he always did. I went up the street and inquired of another neighbor and he told me what had happened... "about a month ago, he went out and bought himself an extension ladder and painted the front of his house." The other neighbor also told me that the man's wife and a couple of other people were out in front telling the man to get down off the ladder before he falls and hurts himself. The man had finally been healed from this long-term illness that plagued him for so many years which kept him from realizing his dream. He had been wanting to retire somewhere in the country up north an was never able to do so due to the fact that his medical condition would not allow him to. He figured that he was better off staying in the city where he would be closer to a medical facility if needed.

Well, his long-lost dream had finally come true. He was not only able to paint the front of his house but he then quickly packed up all his belongings and he and his wife moved away. God had met this man right where he was and it only took the effort on my part to follow through with what I now believe was a divine appointment from God. Don't pass up an opportunity to minister to someone because we never know what the end result might be!

"By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see." Acts 3:16