Giving Him My Best

Will I give my life away,
to please the heart of man.

Or will I give my best to God,
who's made me so I can.

If I decide between the two,
I’d hope to choose the Lord.

For He is who I need to please,
and this is my reward.



His Path or Ours?

What an opportunity,
God's given us each day.
To share with those, the hope of Christ,
to lead them in His way.

When times get tough, the world can see,
just who it is we serve.
Provided, that while walking-
on His path, we do not swerve.

To follow Christ and honor Him,
no matter where we are.
Takes courage, strength and faithfulness,
through pressures, near or far.

The end result depends upon-
the path that we pursue.
And if we’ve chosen wisely,
those we touch, will follow too.


Love Thy Neighbor

To love thy neighbor as thyself,
is something you should do.

Even if you struggle,
with the way they’re treating you.



Excelling in the gifts we have-
is what we need to do.

Just keep in mind, God's greater-
than those gifts He's given you.



See The Light?

When people tend to put me down-
I feel so all alone.

It's all that I can do-
to lay my burdens at His throne.

My heart grows faint and insecure-
how soon I then loose sight,

Of what God once had promised me-
in darkness through His light.


A Heart That Pleases God

Father God prepare my heart,
for what You have in store.
So when Your Spirit speaks to me,
His voice, I’ll not ignore.

That I may not forsake Your Name,
to live a life of sin.
Instead, allow the light of Christ,
to shine from deep within.

I’ve wondered if You heard my cry,
at times in my despair.
The depths from which I call-
they seem so distant from Your ear.

I do the things I shouldn’t,
and then, what I should, I don’t.
O Lord come rule and reign,
so when temptation comes, I won’t.

My heart so longs to please You,
but my flesh gets in the way.
It’s all that I can do sometimes,
to make it through each day.

In You I have my victory,
at times when I fall short.
You’re always there to pick me up,
to strengthen and support.

I sinned and You forgave me,
remembering not one.
I’m thankful that I stand redeemed,
through Jesus Christ Your Son.


My Promise

I've heard your prayers behind closed doors,
you've prayed to me, your Lord.
For he who seeks me secretly,
I'll openly reward.

You've not been like the ones who pray-
aloud just to be heard.
For you have prayed sincerely,
and according to my word.

You've not denied my name,
and this alone so pleases me.
My kingdom's come within your heart,
My will you've done for me.

As you go forth to take the land,
in which I've called you to.
Don't be afraid in times of need,
I'm there to rescue you.

Not all will come, who hear my word,
while laboring endlessly.
I'll give you those who will respond,
I'll cause their eyes to see.

My eyes, they range throughout the earth,
and this I say to you.
I'll strengthen hearts committed-
to the work I've called them to.

I'll go before your every step,
I'll meet your every need.
Just do what I have told you-
going forth to plant my seed.

Be on your guard, the devil plans-
to take the human race.
But you will stand as long-
as all my armor is in place.

So be alert and praying-
for each other constantly.
That when my word is spoken,
you'll proclaim it fearlessly.


Holding Fast

O God I need Your help,
to see me through this time of wait.

How long must this go on,
must I remain within this state.

God can see my circumstance,
He knows what I go through.

He knows how much I labor,
in what He has called me to.

So I must let His work take place,
preparing me to serve.

In keeping with His promise,
letting not, my vision swerve.


Don't Miss Out

As I was drifting off to sleep,
a poem came to mind.

I tried but could not recollect,
I searched and could not find.

It pays to write things down,
no matter when they come to you.

For if you don't, you might miss out,
on what God wants to do.



If I had listened to the Lord,
a long-long time ago.

I’d not be drifting in this sea-
of problems to and fro.