As We Trust

Regardless of the circumstance,
the Lord is in control.

The focus of our eyes on Him,
should be our only goal.

For if we learn to trust in God,
a greater work we’ll see.

And only at that moment,
will we truly be set free.



Doing What I Shouldn’t

I'm doing what I shouldn't,
instead of doing what I should.
I pray that God will strengthen me,
to do just as He would.

I can't believe I've gone this long,
abounding in God’s grace.
When knowing what I've done,
is like a slap upon His face.

No sooner do I turn,
and sin is crouching at my door.
Just waiting for a chance,
to win a battle in this war.

If I could put my trust in You,
believing I would win.
No longer would I need to live,
a life fulfilled through sin.


If We Patiently Wait

It's God's choice-
if He closes the door,

After all-
He has done so before.

If we patiently wait-
for His work to take place,

Out from heaven-
His blessing will pour.


Looking Toward that Day

There once was a man-
who had been through a battle,
how wounded a man he became.

It was all he could do-
to stand through the fight,
with his shield against Satan's flame.

With his armor in place-
even then he grew weak,
though he knew in this war he would win.

The more he advanced-
further damage was done,
and in places his armor grew thin.

He would look toward that day-
knowing God would restore,
what was taken or lost through the fight.

Even though he grew weary-
he knew that some day,
all his armor again, would shine bright.


While On This Rock

Help me in this day O Lord-
to put my trust in You.

That I would put You first O Lord-
in everything I do.

Not wavering about-
but then believing when I ask.

That You will grant me wisdom-
to accomplish every task.

And when I walk through flames-
and all around is sinking sand.

I know I'll persevere-
while on this solid Rock I stand.


To Speak His Mind

Lead me in your way O Lord,
along your path so straight.
That I may learn to love as You,
and for your timing wait.

Your peace I know will lead me,
You once said so long ago.
And if I wait upon You Lord,
your timing I will know.

And now I ask that You prepare,
my heart to speak your mind.
So in the shadow of your wing,
your refuge I may find.

Secure of who I am in You,
and what You've called me to.
So when the time is right,
the words I speak will be from You.