Evolution vs. Creation

If God made man for fellowship-
than who created God,
The fact that He exists-
is neither fallacy nor odd.

Man thinks he has the answers-
but no one really does,
When asked how does he know-
his sole reply is; "Just Because!"

While even though the universe-
had not been set in place,
God's plan was still in action-
to create the human race.

Though some may disbelieve this fact-
they see their point of view,
They cannot comprehend-
the wondrous things that God can do.

But man will always struggle-
with the pride that's in his heart,
In hopes to prove he's right-
someday he'll find, he's not so smart.

So on and on the process goes-
his wheels spinning 'round,
While searching all his life-
his disbelief has kept him bound.

It's hard for man to see-
he must have faith, not disbelief,
He'll never find the answer-
for his days are yet so brief.

The Lord will prove him wrong-
and on that day to man's surprise,
He'll find what he believed-
was just, one more of Satan's lies.


Justified Through Christ

In days of old a sacrifice-
was offered up by men,

Atoning for their sins-
for which God made a way back then.

But now we have this gift from God-
who represents our sin,

The price He paid once freed us-
from a fight we could not win.

It's just as if we've never sinned-
through Him we're justified,

Accepted by the One to whom-
we'll be a spotless bride.


Won’t Man be Surprised

If Father God created man-
Fore knowing of his birth,

Did portions of the sun blow off-
Creating planet earth.

How man draws his conclusions-
When not knowing what took place,

Will only prove him wrong-
When he meets Jesus face to face.


The Perfect Father

The perfect Father always has,
the answer in His wings.
He walks the path of righteousness,
He also knows all things.

He knows when we are fooling Him,
He knows when we're sincere.
But most of all He loves us,
and our problems He does bear.

No one else can be like Him,
or knowing of His ways.
They're far too great to comprehend,
deserving of our praise.

Some day we'll see Him as He is,
and fall down at His feet.
We'll thank Him for the wounds He bore,
that saved us from defeat.

We'll lay our crowns before Him,
and we'll look upon His face.
We'll see the One who died for us,
His beauty we'll embrace.

We'll worship through eternity,
we'll lift our hearts and sing.
There'll be no pain or sadness,
we'll be home with Christ our King.


For All Mankind

Even Jesus hid Himself-
from being stoned to death.

His time was not yet up-
for God to take His final breath.

He died upon that cross for us-
an act of love He gave.

That all mankind would recognize-
this world He came to save.


Let It Shine

If God has put you in a place,
to let your light shine bright.

The world is watching just to see,
if what you do is right.

So be alert and on your guard,
stand firm and you will see.

That Christ will draw those near to you,
who need to be set free.


To Be A Light

If all I am to do-
is be a light to those around,

Then I must let the Lord-
establish me on solid ground.

So when that time arrives-
an open book to those I'll be,

Proclaiming to the world-
what Jesus Christ has done for me.


I'll Praise You Lord

The desire of my heart O Lord,
is that I walk with You.
Regardless of the circumstance,
your will I must pursue.

Seeking You with all my heart,
my feet on solid ground.
Persisting 'till I know O Lord,
it's You that I have found.

Never changing is your love,
the love that set me free.
Before my birth You chose me,
to be set apart for thee.

Your praise within my heart,
considers all that You have done.
How wonderful it is to know,
for me, You gave your Son.