I've found that through the course of time in my walk with the Lord, that there have been several occasions where He has taken me back to "The School Of God" in order that I learn a lesson that would later apply somewhere in my life. This can be a very painful and lengthy process depending on how willing we are to allow God's work to take place. We can run but not hide, we can struggle and prolong His will for our lives, but eventually, God gets His way.

I can remember having to transition into another line of work after having closed down my Landscaping business. Having been my own boss for almost half my life, I was now facing a drastic change. Little did I know, the change that needed to take place was in me! You see, God had a lesson for me to learn and it would come through the people who He would use in the work place. It was an experience that will be with me for the rest of my life. Every step of the way, God is constantly showing us the things that need to be pruned back or removed from our lives so that we can become more like Him.

I figured that by doing what I was told, it would take care of how I was to conduct myself on the job. However, it went much deeper than that! What I began to see, was that God wants more out of us than what we want to give. We're comfortable doing the daily tasks that are required of us, but how is the condition of our heart. Are we taking it further than that? God wants a cheerful giver and one who is joyful and appreciative in what they have. If God has allowed us to have something, He will also give us the joy that goes along with it! This is one of His many ways of blessing us in the midst of where we are in life. If we look at it, we occupy space in the workplace for approximately 8 hours each day. Wouldn't we want to make the best out of it by not only doing what's required of us but doing it without grumbling or murmuring under our breath? "Of course we would!" God is very pleased at this and He will make it go easier not only on us, but on our employer's as well.

Getting back to where I started...

Once I saw what God was trying to do, I had to come to grips with allowing Him to do it. It took putting my flesh to the side and then undergoing a lengthy process of Him stripping me of my pride, which still continues to this day. As I look back, I felt very uncomfortable having to relinquish what I had held onto for so many years. God would start to humble me in a way I never knew but it was vital at that point in time, that I allow Him begin His work in me. At times I would break down and wonder, what is God doing and why is He allowing this to happen to me. It felt as though I had been taken captive, locked up in a prison and the key thrown away. My life had no meaning to me because everything seemed like it had been put on hold. God took me away from that which I had grown so familiar with and thrusted me into a world in which I had never known.

We can deceive ourselves by not being aware of the fact that some of the issues in our heart are holding us back or keeping us in a state of suspended animation. It may very well be that God is still using us but we are not as effective as He would like us to be. We hold onto to that which is comfortable, and in turn, end up forsaking that which would be available to us if we would only take that step of faith and let God have His way. It takes a lot of courage and humility and God will give us what we need if we just show a little initiative.

I soon began to see my way through the forest while God was busy chipping away at my life. He was making the rough edges smooth, as well as softening the hardened areas of my heart. And even now as I look back, I can remember how difficult and how painful a time it was. A time that would stamp its impression upon my heart for the rest of my life. It took several years before I would feel the freedom I once had, but this time it was different. It was as if I had been broken like a wild horse and in the midst of discipline, I was experiencing freedom. God worked tremendously in my life and He allowed me to experience the joy that came with it.

I can say that I'm glad He did it and even now, I look forward to what lies ahead knowing that He is a gentle-loving God and that I can trust Him with my life because He is out for only one thing... and that is, my good!

"Because the Lord disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in." Proverbs 3:8