It was February 13, 1985 and my wife and I were sitting in front of the fireplace in our home. As we were talking, enjoying each other's company, a thought raced through my mind and I immediately said to my wife; "you're pregnant, go to the doctor and get checked out!" Well, the next week she did go to the doctor and it was confirmed, she was pregnant. This was definitely A Word From God! We were so excited that He was blessing us with another child. We had already had two and now this would be our third. Soon enough, time had passed and my wife was beginning to show. Once more, enduring through the process as this next child would develop in her womb.

I had been praying for another child and each time I felt the urge to pray, I had a burning sensation in my heart. I believed this to be from the Lord! So when I would feel this sensation, I would automatically fall to my knees and lift up my request to God. When I first shared with my wife that she was pregnant, I then knew that God had answered my prayer. I know that whenever God puts something on our heart that He wants to bring to pass, that it requires us coming to Him in prayer until the end result is realized. And if God has said He will do it and we do our part, then it is literally impossible that what He said won't come to pass. You see, God also requires us to partner with Him so that it can be a joint effort and not just a one-sided issue. Ultimately resulting in God receiving all the glory.

Well, approximately 5 months had passed and I was on a job down in San Mateo while my wife was up shopping at the local market. All of a sudden, the woman who I had been working for came storming out of her house yelling out all kinds of gibberish. I finally understood her to say that while my wife was shopping, her water broke and she started bleeding. Well, the only thing I could do at that moment was to look up and say to God; "you knew I wanted this child but if you decide to take him back, so be it!" Right then, a surge went through my body and I refused to believe the way things looked, instead, I remembered all that had transpired up till now. How God had put it in my heart to pray for another child and I believed that He was going to give it to me. So I had no choice other than to believe that the surrounding circumstance was just another one of the enemies' tactics to try to get me to take my eyes off the Lord.

When the woman had stormed out of her house, what she was basically trying to say was; "your wife's having a miscarriage, don't worry, I had one too." I would not accept this! So I got on the phone and found out that after several hours of my wife having been in the hospital, she had then been taken to my mom's house and was now resting. So I left the job I was on and went to be by my wife's side. When I was told what had taken place between the time my wife had been taken to the hospital until the time she had arrived at my mom's house, it was as though I had entered into another realm.

And now the story begins...

While you remember how when my wife was up shopping at the local market when she was 5 months pregnant, her water broke and she began to bleed. Well, what would lie just moments ahead of us while even in different locations, would be the testing of our faith. You see, my wife and I believed that God wanted us to have that child and though geographically we were not together, we both were praying that this situation would turn around for good. While she was in the hospital, the doctors would periodically check on my wife to see how she was doing and she would be up pacing the floor, praying. The doctors wanted her to remain lying down until they could basically find the time to examine her and remove the remains of the child if so. Wouldn't you know it, God came through!

It had been about 10 hours before another doctor would come down the corridor of the hospital and putting his stethoscope on my wife's stomach, he discovered a heartbeat, her water was restored and her womb had been completely sealed. Praise God!!! A miracle had definitely taken place and there is nothing God cannot do if it is in His will and if in fact we would just believe! Shortly after that, she was released from the hospital and was taken to my mom's house where she would stay for the next 10 days. I was beside myself and could not get over what God had done. And to this day, I still cannot get over it. God's grace and His mercies are forevermore!

But that's not all...

As I was driving home one night from one of my jobs, I'm sitting in the truck trying to come up with a name for this new child that was due to be born in 4 months. My wife had been gracious enough to allow me the majority of the decision making in what the other 2 children's names were, so I also took the liberty of trying to decide what this child's name would be. Little did I know that it would not be my wife that I would have to answer to but God had a little plan of His own! Well, as I was thinking of names, I heard a voice say to me; "his name is to be Isaac". O boy, now I was really out of the picture. Again I heard... " his name is to be Isaac". Then I believed! It was really God's voice that I was hearing and He definitely wanted this child's name to be Isaac. One thing here... my wife nor I had any idea that the baby was going to be a boy and neither did anyone else. Let alone, we had never once discussed the name Isaac as a possibility. So it was not only the issue with the name at this point but we also found out straight from the Lord that this was going to be a boy.

Well I got home and no sooner did I start to wash my hands for dinner that my wife came running into the kitchen, wanting to say something but I said, on my way home, I was trying to think of a name for the new baby and I heard a voice say; "his name is to be Isaac". She replied; "that's what God wanted me to tell you last night but you wouldn't listen!". Uh-Oh... Well, as the story goes, I should have listened. The night before, I was sitting in bed eating my ice cream as usual and my wife rolls over and says; "I'd tell you something but I know you won't listen". I said; "ok" and kept eating my ice cream. Little did I know, God would be dealing with me the next night! How gracious He was and how soft and gentle was that voice.

So it came to be that the little boys name would be Isaac and he was born on October 31, 1985.

 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3