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In The Beginning God's Chosen One There Will Come A Day
Before The Fall Job And There He Stood
The Way It Was Regardless Of The Circumstance Even Jesus Had His Limits
How Quickly Things Change Job And His So Called Friends He Will Return
Exiled Daniel Triumphant
Banished From The Garden The Writing's On The Wall Seated High Upon Your Throne
In The Days Of Noah Jonah In The Father's House
Sodom And Gomorrah Jonah II The End Times
Joseph And His Brothers Don't Lose Heart The Mark Of The Beast
The Burning Bush Jesus Wept The Four Horsemen
Before I Formed You He Raised Him From The Dead The Return
Yes God He Who Is Without Sin... He Is Very Real
David And Goliath At The Feet Of Jesus-Wept The Army Of The Lord
The Confrontation The Eye Of The Needle On That Glorious Day



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