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Facts Of Life Matters Of The Heart The Inner Battle
Worrying A Work In Constant Progress In The Thick Of Battle
Humility I'll Try To Keep On Pleasing You Through Him, The Battle's Won
Connecting The Pieces Beating Around The Bush Against The Spiritual Forces...
Shine Your Light Give Your Heart To God The Cares Of Yesterday
Living With The Pain By The Grace Of God A Prisoner Of The Mind
He Can't Be Proven Wrong From The Depths Of Our Despair We Need To Let It Go
Another Bump In The Road God Knows What We Can Bear A Change From Deep Within
Through God's Eyes The Burdens Of Our Heart The Issues Of Life
Life's Not Always Fair Beware Of The Company You Keep Persecution
Surrendering Where It's Just You And God A Contrite Heart
A Constant Journey Overcoming Obstacles Taking On The World
There Is No Other Burning Desire Excess Baggage
As Long As You're Obedient I Am Always With You Resisting Is Futile
He's With Us All The Way He's The Only Missing Peace Time For A Tune-Up?
Stress Down The Primrose Path The Weapons Of Our Warfare
Pain A Fleeting Moment The Battle
Trials A Golden Opportunity Committed To The Cause
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