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In The Beginning Gilroy, El Paso & Dayton The End Is In Sight
We've Been Trumped The Shadow Has Been Cast Hanging In The Wind
Injustice A Tragedy No Less Like A Book
Too Much Winning The Walls Are Closing In Efforts To Defuse
Elephant In The Room The Swamp Is Drained Running Out Of Time
Getting A Lot Done Covering Up His Tracks The Final Act
There's No Problem A Lie In Time God Is Not Finished
Those Emails Liar, Liar Game Over
The Clock Is Ticking Lock Her Up Seal Of The President
Slipping Into Darkness Eventually Trump The Destroyer
In Due Time   Payback... it's Inevitable
Playing Him Like A Fiddle   The Presidency
There Is No Colusion   Who Is Minding The Store?
Sooner Or Later In Memory Of Elijah Cummings Traitor
Sarah's Take On Trump Commited Until His Dying Breath Everything's Just Fine



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