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God's Promise Never Fades Without God... Willingness
God's Timing Ready Or Not! To Lead We First Must Follow
He Will Have The Final Say Life Has A Way The Golden Key
God's Chosen And Elect It Will Get The Best Of You The Tares Amongst The Wheat
Keep On Trusting God His Bag Of Tricks There Are Better Days Ahead
Listen To Your Heart Music To My Ears Throwing In The Towel
It's All A Part Of The Process Little Lost Sheep Time For A Change?
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus Only One Thing On His Mind Toe The Line
Let Go Of The Past... Owning Up Grafted Into Him
Forget What Lies Behind Pushing Through The Memories Visitor From The Grave
At The Table Because He's Put It In My Heart The Weapons Of Our Warfare
Let It Go Reaping What You Sow Wandering
No One Else Could Pay... Resist The Devil... When The Night Is Long
No Time To Waste A Rock And A Hard Place Wishful Thinking
One Road To Heaven Ruminating It's Your Decision
There's Just One Way... Smokescreen O The Weight Of Sin
Don't Lose Sight Stay Out Of The Way You Will Know His Purpose
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