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There Is Hope A Loving Father God's Promises
As Painful As It Gets When God's Discipline Takes Place New Life In Christ
An Open Door Accepted As I Am Give Your Heart To God
A Glimpse Through This Broken Vessel He Will Light The Way
The Door Is Open An Overflowing Vessel God Can Always Hear
That Once So Distant Shore Grace In A Broken World No Coincidence
A State Of Grace Hearing God The Victor's Crown
Divine Comfort Moving On From Our Mistakes In His Time, It Comes Around
Unconditional Where We Sow Our Seed I Know You're Near
Through The Open Door Greater Is God's Love If You Wait... The Door Will Open
His Faithfulness Abounds God Is On A Mission His Love Will Never Fail
Led By The Spirit The Walk Closer Than A Friend
Lay Those Things To Rest It's All Within God's Plan It's Kind Of Like A Puzzle
Let Go Of The Past... God's Promise To You More Than You Expected
The Path Of Life Through That Lonely Little Tear To Walk With God
God's Purpose For Our Lives At The Foot Of The Cross He's Always Right On Target
In The Midst There Is Hope Looking Through The Son Refining
Within The Storm He Is With You Count Your Blessings
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