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On A Lighter Note On A Lighter Note A Little More Serious
Somebody's Watching A Husband's Folly It's A Fine Line
Down To The Wire A Little Discipline A Moment In The Past
Coffee A Memory... As Long As You're Obedient
Follow Your Heart Always In A Hurry Character
A Little Cloudy? Another Glitch For Mankind Confusion
Against The Grain Baa Baa Black Sheep From A Dfferent Point Of View
Another Day Burning Mad Fallen Short
Endured Calling On God Feeling A Little Stretched?
As The Saying Goes... Caring For Your Dog Focus
Call On Him The Chicken Or The Egg? For You Are Everything
Count Your Blessings Drop It Forget The Former Things
Dear God Excuse Me Please God Will Make A Way
Delight In Him Friend Or Foe Grab Hold
Don't Forget From The Tip Of The Tongue Greater Things In Store
You Might Miss Out He's Got A Point Finding Any Excuse
God... Where Are You? Giving It To God God's Perfect Strategy
God Has Got It Covered Gratitude Contentious
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